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If I tell you about my favorite restaurant in New Hope, Pennsylvania, you all have to PROMISE you won’t flock there all at once. I love this place for its romantic charm and laidback vibes. This is a hidden gem if there ever was one.

If you turn off onto Mechanic Street, a side street off of River Road (the bustling main street of this river town) you will find Zoubi Restaurant. This is not just a restaurant. It is also a bar. Walking through the passageway into the garden patio of Zoubi is like stepping into a secret garden somewhere in Europe. You forget about the brouhaha happening at the lively bars down the street. All that matters now is the warmer weather, the ivy and hibiscus crawling up the stone walls and iron gates, the festive string of lights and cocktail headed your way.

There’s no doubt Zoubi is at its best in the spring and summer when you can enjoy their garden patio. But their menu choices all year long are tasty. I can still remember the “Crunchy Hipster Salad” I got last year – house pickled veg with quinoa was out of this world! To this day I still have dreams about it. Over the years we have enjoyed charred octopus, homemade pasta, perfectly cooked steaks (never overcooked), surprisingly delicious pizza (sorry Pennsylvania, nothing against ya) and stunning seafood dishes.

And if good food, beautiful scenery and friendly staff weren’t enough, here’s the kicker: best craft cocktails in all of Bucks County. Is it a bold claim? I don’t think so. Zoubi is famous for their fresh fruit martinis and inventive cocktails. Just tell the bartender what your liquor of choice is and I have no doubt he’ll mix you up something you love.

  • Even if it rains, you can still sit outside under a covered patio
  • They typically have fun cocktail infusions and don’t shy away from the egg white drinks
  • Visit their sister restaurant Karla’s for a more casual vibe
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