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Every year, I discover at least one new vegetable at the farmers market that I’ve never had before. A few years ago, that vegetable was delicata squash. Since then, it has grown to be my FAVORITE winter squash due to its thinner skin and wonderful texture. Sorry butternut, you’re just too hard to peel and cut.

Last year I shared with you my recipe for delicata squash and brussel sprout flatbread and it’s amazing roasted. But last night at a Maker’s Dinner at the Brick Farm Tavern, I got to try it pickled. Pickled squash? Yes! It was tasty and an excellent garnish. So it got me wondering, what other things do people do with delicata?

Over at the New York Times, they stuff them. Or you can twice bake them. You can puree it into a soup or hummus, or… wait for it… beer batter them!

You can really substitute them in any recipe you see for butternut. One of my absolute favorite dishes of last fall was the meal pictured above: roasted delicata squash with red onion, Blue Moon Acres butterball potatoes, shishitos and micro wasabina, served alongside a roasted pork tenderloin. The sweet squash was the perfect balance to the charred peppers.

Some fun & helpful facts:

  • Delicata squash is also known as bohemian squash or sweet potato squash
  • Although we eat it as a winter squash, it actually belongs to the same species as most types of summer squash
  • Delicata squash almost disappeared after the Great Depression, and wasn’t widely grown due to its susceptibility to mildew diseases
  • Whereas butternut may be stored up to a year, delicata keeps for just two to three months in a cool, dry place
  •  Look for squash with light-colored skin that’s relatively heavy for its size

Find them at your local farm market this fall!

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