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Have you noticed the farms waking up on social media? It’s like someone flipped a switch! Well, I guess that someone was Mother Nature. The local farmers are actively preparing their fields for spring’s crops, and many already have some beautiful produce to share at the markets! And the spring ewes are roaming the fields, cows are grazing on vibrant green grass… everything is right in the world.

Be sure to follow all of these incredible New Jersey and Pennsylvania farms on Instagram if you aren’t already. It will inspire you to eat seasonally every day!

PS – If anyone ever needs someone to keep their goats, sheep, cows or pigs company, I’m your girl.

PPS – You can follow @TheGrazette on Instagram here!


Firsts for the farmers! Next week we’ll have these #sprayfree beauties at @wrightstownmarket and @asburyfresh

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Fresh spinach, anyone?#northslopefarm #eathealthy #eatlocal #eatorganic #strongtothefinichcauseieatsmespinach

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Lettuce is ready for harvesting!

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Cows on grass! #pasturedreams #happycows

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Afternoon with the lambs #lambingseason2017 #katahdinlambs #pastureperfect

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Potato planting day! Monica says it’s one of her favorite farm tasks. #chickadeecreekfarm #organic #potatoes are on their way!

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Two tuckered out little kids. It was a long day exploring the world. #goatsofinstagram #babygoats

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