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Liege waffles… where do I begin? My love affair with Nina’s Waffles began 5 years ago when I stumbled upon their little shop in Red Bank. You can imagine my pure unadulterated joy when I realized that they were no longer in Red Bank but

Fresh liege waffles just minutes from my house? Time to start up the gym membership (haha yeah, right). But yes, it became a nice post-dinner treat and totally worth every single calorie. And when topped with nutella/dulche de leche AND ice cream, nothing else in the world matters. Every time I went I would try a different ice cream flavor until I tried them all. Salted caramel, honey orange blossom, suppa peanut… yum yum and yum.

Liege Waffles are superior due to their caramelized crunchy outside and dense chewy inside

 The thing I love most about Nina’s is their commitment to better ingredients. Their ice cream is pasteurized from scratch, using local milk and cream that is free of rBsts and added hormones. Most of the artisanal flavors are produced with their egg-free recipe, utilizing local ingredients and inclusions, and made on the premises.

PS: now there are four places within Bucks, Mercer and Hunterdon County that you can try these delectable sweets. Nina’s Waffles opened at 252 Nassau Street, continuing to spread the waffle love. I am most excited about trying their savory waffles: “sharp cheddar mac-n-cheese, sausage stuffing and mashed Yukon gold potatoes waffles. Which leads me to one serious concern: why haven’t I been waffling ALL of my food my entire life? *Goes out to buy a waffle iron*

  • Must Try: Salted Caramel Ice Cream and Nutella Liege Waffle, Waffle with Dulche De Leche and any ice cream that piques your interest
  • Waffles with ice cream can easily be shared between 2 people 
  • Waffle bites are just as good, and available for parties/catering
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