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As a born and bred New Jerseyan, barbecue is not in my blood. But this has never stopped me from enjoying low & slow smoked meats as much as the next meat lover. And my Texan husband will tell you that More Than Q is as good as any BBQ joint in the south. So when this local pitmaster moved his spot from Stockton to Lambertville, NJ this fall, we were very excited to have it even closer to home.

Three hungry men and I sat at the long communal dining table, contemplating our ordering strategy. After some deliberation, we decided to order pretty much everything on the menu. Deviled eggs with barbecue beef, fried pickles with Cajun remoulade, five cheese mac & cheese, Smoked Chicken Thighs with Honey Lime Chili Sauce, pulled pork, thinly sliced brisket and of course – corn bread.

Their brisket is always a winner for me, and if I had to choose, that’s the meat I tend to typically go with. The smokiness is spot on, and it’s always tender, never tough. The pickled accouterments and barbecue sauces on the table total elevate this meat to OMQ-level! But the runner up was something I had never had before, and that was their Smoked Chicken Thighs in a sticky sweet & spicy honey lime chili sauce. They put practically all my chicken thigh dishes to shame!

And if you haven’t had fried pickles before (a southern delicacy) then you must try these. Who would have thought? The remoulade sauce made them even better (although most fried pickles are pretty delicious on their own).

According to a recent interview in New Jersey Monthly, Matt Martin (owner) hand selects every brisket. “It has to have the right size and the right fat content on top. It also has to be all natural or prime Angus.” That’s what I like to hear!

If you’re lucky enough to be local, More Than Q makes for a great take-out spot. With six smoked meats available by the pound, you can enjoy barbecue any night of the week OR incorporate their shredded meat into just about any dish. Pulled chicken tacos, shredded beef ragu, pork empanadas… it’s a big weeknight meal & lunch helper for the home cook. And if you’re not local, but looking for some of the best barbecue in New Jersey, make your way out to More Than Q. It’s worth the trip (in fact, writing this post has me planning out my next trip right now!)


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