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No matter what anyone tells you, you are never too old for Easter goodies. Why should kids have all the chocolatey fun? Now, as you “mature” you may move away from Reese’s peanut butter eggs onto something a little more luxurious. And that’s where La Chocolate Box comes in.

The local spot for fancy chocolates and confections, La Chocolate Box in Lambertville, NJ brings in truffles and gourmet sweets from around the globe. And their Easter selection is unparalleled. I felt like a literal kid in a candy shop, being pulled in all different directions, trying to decide on how to treat myself.

The final verdict was: have a little bit of everything. So we brought home some chocolates with a creamy hazelnut center, a giant milk chocolate peanut butter egg, and chocolate dipped peeps.

Of course, they have plenty of Easter basket fillers for kids too. Just look at this pastel paradise! Chocolate shops like this are a rare find in these days of mass-produced, additive-riddled and downright uninspired chocolate found at the grocery store. If you’re going to eat chocolate, it should be the really good stuff, right??

Happy Easter and Passover to you and your family.

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