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13 may be an unlucky number for some people, but not today: 13 local food and beverage businesses have come together under one roof in New Hope in a market for the ages. The Ferry Market. And on the weekend of Friday the 13th, I went over to check it out. This airy culinary market is a welcome addition to the streets of New Hope, PA. When you get there, you’ll notice the amazing covered outdoor seating space encased in glass. So yes, you can still do your people watching as you enjoy your market goodies.

Walk inside and you’ll be greeted by a clean, modern layout that lets the vendors’ offerings speak for themselves. Local foodies will recognize most of the vendors, as many rivertown restaurants and makers have set up additional shop here. El Tule now has Lima Fusion. Cafe Blue Moose has Moose On The Loose. And the infamous Quilted Piggie that was available at the Lambertville House is now exclusively at The Pork Shack. And some new-to-me vendors that I am excited about trying are Boku (offering a taste of Hawaii with poke bowls) and The Happy Mixer (gluten free bakery). While I am not gluten free, I am pro-carb and sweets 😉

After doing a lap in the morning and enjoying a chai latte from the Skyroast Coffee, a sample of liquid chocolate from Sciascia Confections, and picking up my all-time favorite honey from Zach & Zoe, we decided to walk around New Hope and return for lunch. Seeing as this will become a regular lunch spot for me, I didn’t break a sweat when it came time to choosing what I wanted. Because eventually, I will try it all! But for this inaugural visit, I went with a flaky empanada from Lima Fusion and Slop TOTS from The Pork Shack. And while tots are not usually in my repertoire of farm-fresh approved foods, I just had to try them. How could I not, when they were loaded with pork, cheese sauce, sriracha and green onion? Not to mention, their fresh bone in pork hams are seasoned & slow roasted for up to 10 hours. No human being can resist that.

As for the empanadas? Lima Fusion somehow was able to make me love one of my favorite Spanish treats even more. Empanadas can go one of two ways: more of a firm pie-like dough, or a soft flaky buttery dough. These were of the later, and we gobbled them up so quickly that I thought for a minute that maybe I would just give up all food and eat empanadas for the rest of my life. Yes, sometimes I have crazy fantasies like that…

We washed down our lunch with some of my favorite New Jersey wine, Unionville Vineyard’s Big O. And then I stocked up on produce, micro greens and NJ grown rice for the week at Blue Moon Acres’ booth. Beets, hot padron peppers, eggplant, garlic, red onion, the last of the Jersey tomatoes… everything I needed for a few great nights of home-cooked meals.

I’m feeling very spoiled right about now, so lucky to have this market just 15 minutes down the road and over the river. And if you’ve already been to this market and love it as much as I do, don’t forget to check out The Stockton Market, just five minutes away. A few of the vendors at the Ferry Market are also at the Stockton Market, and then some! Those that follow me on Instagram will know it’s one of my favorite places to be on the weekend for the insanely good doughnuts, pizza, and barbecue. Plus, it’s where I stock up on fish, meat, mushrooms, spices, baked goods and produce. Happy eating!

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