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The calendar is telling me it’s August, and I feel like I haven’t done half the things I wanted to do this summer! Anyone else feel like this summer just flew by? What’s that about? Well, there’s nothing we can do about it now, except just to plan some fun things before the sunny season comes to its untimely end.

I’m sharing my end-of-summer bucket list with you in hopes that it inspires you to get out and take advantage of summer’s local offerings!


1. Watch The Sunset Over Lake Hopatcong

I’m not sure where my constant need to be close by to water came from, but I’m lucky that I live within site of the Delaware River and a short-ish drive to the Jersey Shore. But I love a good lake too, and I have been dying to make it up to Lake Hopatcong for a day on the water and dinner with a view. Restaurant suggestions welcome!


2. Enjoy a Farm-to-Table Dinner in The Vineyards

If you’ve been paying close attention, there have been a few opportunities to dine amongst the vines at several New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania vineyards this summer. While there doesn’t seem to be one happening over the next few weeks around here, I’ll be sure to get the experience when we’re in Provence at the end of the month. Farm dinner at a winery in Chateauneuf-Du-Pape? Oui!


3. Have a Beer Or Cocktail On a Farm

Drive through the center of the Garden State and you’ll find plenty of farm land. But what about beer or distilleries on those farms? Yes! That too. We first discovered Screamin’ Hill Brewery (Cream Ridge, NJ) a few years back, and really enjoyed a beer flight of their farm fresh beer. Fast forward a few years later, and now Sourland Mountain Spirits is distilling small batch gin & vodka, and Troon Brewing is making beer on Double Brook Farm in Hopewell, NJ. When life is feeling overly hectic, I like to slow things down with a visit to these spots and a nice cold drink.


4. Hike the Delaware Water Gap

Tumbling waters, rhododendron ravines, hemlock forests… could this really be New Jersey? The Delaware Water Gap is calling our names! Go for a hike, rent a kayak or canoe, and just soak up the sun from this gorgeous corner of the state. Pack a picnic and make a day out of it, that’s what I’ll be doing!


5. Have a Lobster Boil

Summer without lobster? I don’t even want to think about it. Now that Jersey corn is trickling in, I need some lobster, stat.


6. Explore the Farms in Milford, NJ

My summer will be fulfilled once I get to hang out with some goats. The yoga I could really care less about (sorry) but the little goats at Mad Lavendar Farm are so stinking cute! My plan is to head up to the farm, say hi to the goats, pick out some amazing-smelling lavender products, and then head over to Bobolink Dairy Farm to try some locally made cheese and bread. Then why not head over to Alba Vineyard while we’re up in Milford, and go for a wine tasting? Sounds like a fun day to me.


I’d love to know what adventures I am missing – send me a message with your favorite summer activities in New Jersey or Eastern PA!

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