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There is a serious lack of diversity in restaurants in the central New Jersey and the Bucks County area. It’s uncommon that my cravings for authentic Spanish, German or South American food are ever satisfied, unless I feel like venturing out to Manhattan or Philadelphia.

Enter El Tule, a Peruvian & Mexican restaurant that has opened my eyes up to a wonderful world of flavors. Five years ago, I wouldn’t be able to point out Peru on a map. Fast forward to today and I have enjoyed many of the country’s most enjoyed dishes. Lomo saltado, aji de gallina, tacu tacu… if these words mean nothing to you, then you are seriously missing out.

You don’t need to have a sophisticated palate to enjoy dining at El Tule, the festive restaurant in Lambertville, New Jersey. And the staff could not be nicer. We enjoy sitting outside on their peaceful patio and grazing on their house made tortilla chips and salsas. It’s BYOT (Bring Your Own Tequila) and their homemade margarita mixer is perfecto.

Since our first time dining at El Tule, I have tried 90% of the dishes on their menu and I do have some favorites. Since you can find Mexican restaurants throughout the area, I recommend trying the Peruvian dishes. Here’s my ultimate guide to dining Peruvian like a pro:

IMG_2076If you’re Vegetarian try their…

Quinoa salads/soups

Yuquitas Fritas with Huancaina Cream (fried yucca)

Causa Limeña de Vegetales (Yellow potato cake with yellow peppers and lemon, stuffed with vegetables and seasoned with Peruvian spices)

If you love meat, try their…

Papas Rellenas (Stuffed mashed potatoes with meat sauce served with red onions, avocado salad and salsa criolla)

Lomo Saltado (Tender beef sautéed with onions and bright tomatoes in a red wine sauce served with crunchy fried potatoes and white rice)

If fish is your thing, try their…

Red Snapper And Crab Meat Tacu Tacu (seafood over a fried rice/bean cake)

Ceviche Trilogy (pictured above) which includes…

  • Ceviche Limeño: Fresh white fish marinated in lime juice mixed with red onions, cilantro and Peruvian Yellow pepper served with sweet potato and Peruvian corn
  • Ceviche Chifa: Hundreds of years of Chinese influence in Peruvian cuisine yields this exquisite tangle but delicious mass of corvina fish, pickled vegetables, micro-herbs and wontons in a black-sesame leche de tigre dressing.
  • Ceviche Mixto: Fresh white fish, shrimp, octopus and calamari marinated in lime juice mixed with red onions, cilantro and Rocoto hot peppers served with sweet potato and Peruvian yellow corn.

In my opinion, their seafood offering is some of the best in the area. It’s not a vast offering, but its high quality and fresh. You won’t be able to eat ceviche anywhere else after trying theirs!




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