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We received a shipment of wine from Chateauneuf-Du-Pape last month and we were looking to dine some place worthy of this fantastic wine. It made me realize that we haven’t been to a BYOB in a while, and I’m sure our wallets would appreciate the break from pricey booze. For instances like this, I have a handy list saved on my computer to go to whenever we want bring our own wine. And now I am sharing that list with you!

Some towns have more BYOB’s than others, due to liquor license availability. Which is why you’ll see some towns pop up on this list more than others. If you plan on going over the weekend, I highly recommend stopping off at a local New Jersey winery to pick up a bottle of something new!


If you crave New American: Blue Bottle Cafe in Hopewell, NJ

Known for their: Cozy rustic meat dishes, perfectly cooked scallops and pillowy gnocchi


If you crave French: Brian’s in Lambertville, NJ

Known for their: Pre-fixe featuring classic comforting French dishes like beef short ribs and melt-in-your-mouth white chocolate bread pudding


If you crave Seafood: Blue Point Grill in Princeton, NJ

Known for their: Large selection of seafood prepared simply, with some fun appies like buffalo fried calamari


If you crave Cajun: Drew’s Bayshore Bistro in Keyport, NJ

Known for their: Better-Than-New-Orleans cuisine. Yes, I’ve been to New Orleans and I would take Drew’s over getting on a plane any day. Two words: Voodoo Shrimp


If you crave Pizza:*TIE* Nomad Pizza in Hopewell, NJ or Liberty Hall in Lambertville, NJ

Known for their: Neapolitan style, seasonal pizza pies bursting with flavor


If you crave Japanese or Sushi: Shumi in Somerville, NJ

Known for their: Omakase in modest digs, possibly the best sushi you’ll ever have


If you crave Spanish: Despana in Princeton, NJ

Known for their: Flavorful tapas (can you say croquettes?) and house-made sangria mix for your bottle of wine


If you crave Mexican or Peruvian: El Tule in Lambertville, NJ

Known for their: Perfectly tasty, authentic Peruvian classics, and a ceviche sampler that will knock your socks off


If you crave Middle Eastern: Marhaba in Lambertville, NJ and Princeton, NJ

Known for their: Creamy hummus, crispy falalfel and the MEAT EXTRAVAGANZA in a fun atmosphere (including belly dancer!)


You may notice that there is no Italian restaurant listed here. As someone who grew up with a father that made the best bolognese this side of the Atlantic ocean, it’s hard for me to find a place that meets my standards of real homemade Italian food. So if you know of an excellent Italian BYOB in central New Jersey (or heck, all of NJ), shoot me a message!

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