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Cooking for a lot of people can be a lot of fun or a big disaster… especially for holiday barbecues like the 4th of July. Slaving over a hot grill on a 90-degree day is not how too many people picture a relaxing day off. But what would a backyard barbecue be without charred meats and freshly made salads?

snap-peassausage-garlic-scapeschioggia-beet-saladFlank-Steak1zucchini saladrhubarb bars

These recipes require little prep the morning of, and can be scaled up easily to feed a large crowd. And while it’s not corn season YET, you should have no problem finding Jersey tomatoes at the farmers markets by now. Local zucchini, beets, snap peas, garlic scapes and fresh herbs are also widely available. And don’t forget to pre-order large amounts of meat from your favorite local butcher! Sausage and flank steak are great when you need to feed a lot of people… and many local farms also have burger patties and their own hot dogs for the little ones at your party.

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